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Product Information - Coiling Fire Doors

The Fire Door's rating is only as good as your wall's rating. There is no advantage to specifying an "A" label on a door if your wall construction bears a "C" rating.

It is the It is the specifier's responsibility to be aware of all NFPA and local building codes that may affect the design and requirement of the Coiling Fire Door.

Many new fire safety devices have become available in recent years. Atlas Door strongly suggests that Fusible Links always be installed as a final line of defense regardless of the fire system devices applied to the door.

Coiling fires door can mount to many types of walls, in many different ways. 

The drive side bracket plate on chain, crank and motor operated doors are normally longer and will hang down below the lintel. It is important to remember this when designing an above ceiling application, or when you have a very low opening height, where the plate may interfere.

Most materials can now receive a Powder Coat Finish. Atlas Door has 186 standard colors available to suit most needs, but can provide custom colors when the manufacturers name and color number are specified.

Many types of sensing devices can be provided to prevent injury to personnel or damage to property during the closing cycle of the door.  Each of these features have their strengths. Which is the best for your application?  Contact us, we can help.

On electrically operated doors, be aware of the material and atmosphere in your secured area. Atlas Door offers many NEMA rated operators and controls to suit your needs.

Atlas Door and Evans Overhead Door can provide you with one of the highest ratings (4-hour) available. You no longer need to specify two fire doors on one opening on a 4-hour rated wall.

If a fire door is to remain in the open position and only close in the event of a fire or emergency, the door can be manufactured with manual (push-up) operation. This will eliminate the longer bracket plate on the drive side.

Fireset 1

Fireset 2

FIRESET 1 and FIRESET 2 are revolutionary fire door operators that will enable the facility manager to mechanically drop test the door at the turn of a switch, while resetting the door in a matter of minutes, thus promoting routine testing of the door.


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