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Fixed Header Dock Seal

Provides and effective seal around the perimeter of the loading dock door. A docking truck compresses the fabric-covered polyurethane foam pads to block out the elements and prevent valuable energy loss.

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Curtain Header Dock Seal

Provide an effective seal while using a curtain-style head member to allow servicing of a wide range of truck and door heights.

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Adjustable Header Dock Seal

Provides airtight protection to the loading dock area while servicing a wide variety of truck and door heights. The adjustable head pad has a uniquely designed counterbalance system that allows smooth vertical positioning. The head pad is reinforced with a steel channel frame. A galvanized metal hood is included with each unit to protect the system from the elements. The follower curtain enables the head pad to be evenly positioned while assuring a complete seal throughout the full adjustment of the head pad.

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  head pads

To accommodate a wide range of truck heights, head pads of various heights and weighted drop curtains are also available.

head curtain

Optional splits in the head curtain with a pull rope system allow vertical adjustment in the event greater access to the rear of the vehicle is desired. A foam face may be incorporated into the head curtain to enhance the seal.

  tapered seal

Tapered Seal and Shelters: For a uniform seal in an application with inclined or declined drive approach.

wear plate options

Wear Plate Options: Maximum protection for wear points. Offered in 4", 8" ad 16" exposures.

  Metal hood custom pads

Bottom Pad: Allows for a four-sided foam enclosure.

Metal Hood: Installs above the unit for maximum weather protection.

  reinforced face

Reinforced Face: Further reinforces contact surface of dock seal pads for greater durability.


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