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Rigid Dock Shelters

Effective in controlling weather, fumes and pests, while allowing full access to the rear of the trailer. The shelter frame is constructed of pressure-treated lumber and covered with a translucent material to allow for natural light penetration. As a trailer moves through the shelter's front opening, it swipes the top and side shelter curtains forming a seal. Fiberglass stays, spaced evenly throughout, ensure constant pressure to the top and sides of the trailer while positioned at the dock.

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double doors

Common member side frames are available when the space between the door openings will not allow for a standard application.


Flexible Dock Shelter

Features a yieldable-type frame and can be applied where dock conditions and space limitations exclude the use of a Rigid Dock Shelter. Built in spring tension provides continuous pressure of the curtains to the truck body for maximum effectiveness. Galvanized steel extension arms mounted to pressure treated wood frames, combined with our quality performance fabrics, make this unit highly versatile for your dock's most demanding needs.

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Rail Dock Shelter

Spring loaded shelter designed for protection from the elements during loading and unloading of rail cars. After the rail car is in position, the shelter is released allowing the spring tension to extend the unit against the side of the vehicle. The rope pulley system allows for ease in retracting of the shelter prior to departure of the rail car.

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four sided option

Also available in a four sided configuration to give maximum weather protection to the loading dock area.


 We offer top quality fabrics in various weights and colors. We also offer Performance Fabrics with even greater strength and abrasion resistance. And we offer special fire-resistant fabric to satisfy the most stringent codes.


Allows standard trailer widths to be serviced at wider openings. Uses "wiper" action.

side pad

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